Simpleminded Twists – Dead Deer

Simpleminded Twists

She woke up – and it was all a dream. She caught her breath, and sighed a long sigh of relief. What an awful dream, it may well have been in self defence, but killing that man and the long-winded attempts to hide his body. Well, it was just awful.

Rising and entering the kitchen she put the coffee on, and searched in the bread-bin. The only result was a couple of old slices of white, so she shrugged and popped them in the toaster.

It was then that she saw him lunge at her. Panicked, what the fuck is someone doing in my kitchen, he grabbed her by the neck as she involuntarily moved back. He held her hard, but only had one arm pinned, the other flailed around, hitting the work surface. Hardly noticing what it was, her hand rested on the big vegetable knife. Reader, she stabbed him.

He staggered back releasing her and clutching at the back of his neck. He could not reach the knife, buried so deeply, and nor did he have enough time, for his life was already at an end. She half screamed, and panted, yet it only took her a few moments to recover.

Now comes the tricky part, she thought, remembering the dream of last night. First, she figured, clean up the mess. The noise as she pulled the knife out was unexpected. A little like driving a wooden tent peg into an over-ripe melon, but in reverse. She cleaned that up and then started on the blood. So much blood.

[author’s note: the alarm goes off at this juncture, signalling the end of my ten minutes. Damn, I was just getting started. Now, I need to tie this up somehow, nicely., and with a twist. Alarm, eh? Ah yes, an alarm]

BEEP-BEEEP. Her alarm went off, crashing into the quiet morning. She woke up – and it was all a dream.


Today I wrote from 21:41to 21:51. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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