A Gambler and a Thief – Dead Deer


A Gambler and a Thief

“In order to gain something you have to lose something. Steallng things from others in order to live is even more painful.” If Cats Disappeared from the World – Genki Kawamura

“I just want to be happy.”

Is there any more pathetic intention than that one? Happy? Those who have no idea what unhappiness, genuine unhappiness, is squeaking about being ‘happy’

Not having food in your belly, not being able to put food in your children’s bellies .That’s unhappiness. A vague sense of middle aged discontent after a comfortable and secure fifty or sixty years with twenty, thirty, forty more ahead. Unhappy? Don’t make me laugh.

But they can convince themselves it is enough, it is real. And by the time they take action .they have further convinced themselves it is not even a gamble. No risk. It happens to anyone. No one will judge me, and if they do how bloody dare they? Before long they see themselves, not a gambler and a thief, but as a noble hero caught up in an unfair world in which they battle courageously to the take the moral high ground.

What horrifc perversion of reality is this? Their made up notion of their happiness, and the important of their own happiness above all else, is not, of course, a personal thing. To gain it they must lie, cheat and above all thieve. Take what is not theirs.

How can they live with themselves? How can they live? Painful to live whilst taking from others? Indeed, but not painful for them.

For they are ‘happy’.

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