Feb 27th – A gambler and a thief

February 27th – A Gambler and a thief
A Country and Western Song

Honey, I ain’t anything
But a gambler and a thief
I promised you my everything,
I promised sweet relief,
But I ain’t the man you thought I was,
I ain’t your man at all,
For the cards and sweet temptation
Have robbed you of it all.

The first thing that I ever stole
Was your pretty little heart,
You came to me so easy,
But you were just the start,
Cos I ain’t a man for sittin’ back
Or for working for my pay
You’re better off without me
And I ain’t gonna stay.

When we were out of high school
We didn’t have a thing,
I borrowed from your daddy,
To by your sparkling ring,
But I lost it in a card game
Too another queen of hearts
And the one you’re wearing’s stolen
Bought by my stealing arts.

You thought we were for ever,
You thought we were a dream,
But I’m a man who steals from men
I’m not like what I seem,
You threw your arms around me,
On that bright summer’s day
But I looked far beyond you
For other games to play.

I wish I loved you darling,
I wished that I was true,
I wish I didn’t do those things
I always did to you.
I’m on a train to far away,
I’ve left you to your grief,
For I am what I always was,
A gambler and a thief.

Inspired by a prompt from here

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