Sorry, My Cat Fell off the Cupboard – Dead Deer

Sorry, My Cat Fell off the Cupboard

“I have no idea, there must be something wrong with him, it’s not like him. Are you alright, puss? Shall I take you to the vet?”

“Give it a couple of days, see how he is then.”

“It’s odd, he’s off his food, keeps stumbling, it must be something, I’ll take him Tuesday if he’s no better.”

Dan was screaming inside. I could not face the awful food they gave him, and his balance was not up to this four-legged thing. He simply could not get the hang of a tail, and how to use it. He hurt all over from the falling, and he was beginning to go slowly insane. How, how, could he get them to understand? He was Dan.

It hurt especially, to notice the excitement they had from the youtube hits rising. They had happened to film him as he tried to jump across to the window sill, and of course, being his first day as a cat, he messed it up. They found it hilarious.

He found it painful and frustrating.

Trying to write them a note, he found it impossible to hold a pen, obviously. He had a great idea, he knocked a box of pencils over and tried to form letters with them. They laughed and cleared them up.

He needed to get back to that bloke’s house. But he had no idea where it was. He got out of the cat flap, and everything looked different from down here. He was fairly sure it was on the other side of town. He tried jumping on a bus. Unfortunately it was not possible to see the number, and he rode for a while before jumping off. Now he could not recognise anything of where he was. Come on Dan, what the hell can you do now?

His nose twitched. What is that? Oh, mouse. Before he knew what he had done, he had leapt on it and sunk his teeth into its neck, bringing instant death. Ah shit, thought Dan, this is me.

Today I wrote between 20:46  and 20:56. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, my tweets here, and my book here.


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