Delirious Intentions – Dead Deer

Delirious Intentions

So the circle is broken. But it is still a unit, of sorts. There is a double knot at the bottom, and a line from these up to one, on the right, and another up to the left. And this is where the problem lies.

The intentions are insane. It batters away from the outside, constantly trying to smash and break this unit. A cuckoo in the nest, bewildered and angry that this is not encouraged from the other strand. How can it be? Why would it be?

Coming off from the outside on the left is another strand. This is it, dark and destructive, but bizarrely encouraged from that side. To ruin what is left.


I dreamt, last night, that I was still on the aeroplane. I had in my hands some string. It wound around my hands and I could not stop looking at the threads. Eventually my eyes – my dreameyes – followed the threads outwards, and it was clear. This string roved throughout the plane, and it had access all areas. Two special holes in the flight deck door allowed it in and out, and around and around it went before returning, seamlessly, back to me.

I was in the back row. I was serene. I was sitting in an aisle seat. The ‘plane landed.


Why? Why the fuck should I raise a single finger to aid the destruction of the unit. The knots are too precious. And this outside force must, will, be stopped.

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The Last Link

This was the last chance for them to find the last link.  The last remaining link which connected everything together.  Everything.  They were holding their breath waiting – waiting for – they really didn’t know what.  How can you put so much hope, so much trust in something you don’t know?  In truth, they didn’t have any choice.  They needed this.

The door creaked open in front of them.  A woman with a kind smile stood in the doorway.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you all.  I’m so happy you made it.  Thank you,” she said.  Still smiling.

They look back at her with a smile in return.  And with relief.

“Thank you,” they reply in near unison.

The woman with the kind smile steps aside, gesturing for them to come inside.  And with a newly found confidence, they do.

And the woman with a kind smile closes the creaky door.



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