The Last Link

This was the last chance for them to find the last link.  The last remaining link which connected everything together.  Everything.  They were holding their breath waiting – waiting for – they really didn’t know what.  How can you put so much hope, so much trust in something you don’t know?  In truth, they didn’t have any choice.  They needed this.

The door creaked open in front of them.  A woman with a kind smile stood in the doorway.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you all.  I’m so happy you made it.  Thank you,” she said.  Still smiling.

They look back at her with a smile in return.  And with relief.

“Thank you,” they reply in near unison.

The woman with the kind smile steps aside, gesturing for them to come inside.  And with a newly found confidence, they do.

And the woman with a kind smile closes the creaky door.



Prompted by link here.


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