The Kissing Curse – Dead Deer

The Kissing Curse

It was not the rain, perhaps, that led to the problems. If we are content to call them ‘problems’. I cannot lie; I did tremendously well, financially, from what happened, although of course I had to deny it. It is unlikely that anyone believed my version, but of course it was unnecessary that they should. It was enough that it had been said.

I suppose he was not the first to be undone by a kiss. A simple peck on the cheek, that was that. We must allow that this was a simple, natural, act a greeting of friendship. How could they have known where it would lead? Maybe if they had stayed outside this would not have occurred. But again, can we blame nature? It was only a light and brief drizzle after all.

The response was as swift as it was understated. I do not need to underline how unfortunate we all felt it was (or, as I say, how fortunate in other ways) but it is a point that we must not labour. I cannot stand mawkishness, it looks bad and makes me queasy.

And so it was that one more soul was sent on its way, betrayed by a kiss. As ancient as the world is the need for companionship, as deadly as the scorpion can this be. It looks like it is getting out nice this afternoon, I may take a solitary stroll.

Today I wrote  between 20:57 and 21:07. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, my tweets here, and my book here.


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