Dimly Lit Distractions – Dead Deer

Dimly Lit Distractions

Jonathan Pixie Nickleby skipped through the forest, he hoped to see his friends. He knocked at Crealy Bealy’s front door, but the rabbit was not at home. On he skipped. He whistled to himself (a cheery tune). He arrived at the house of Alastair Bear, the biggest pig of all.

“What a huge door” Jonathan Pixie Nickleby thought to himself, “What a GIGANTIC house.” He tapped his tiny knuckle on the massive, thick wooden door.

No answer here, either, so he checked next-door to see if Alastair Bear’s best friend, Cedric Anglestone Whoop McGraw was in. He gently tickled the door with just one figure, it was so small he could hardly see it. Sadly, even this light touch was enough to knock it off its miniscule hinges, for Cedric Anglestone Whoop McGraw was the tiniest mouse in all of Figpaddle Wood.

“Where is everyone today?” wondered Jonathan Pixie Nickleby, out loud.

“THEY ARE AT PING POND.” declared The Voice, that booms around Figpaddle Wood from time to time. Off Jonathan Pixie Nickleby trotted, as fast as his little legs would carry him, off to Ping Pond.

When he arrived, what a sight he saw! All his friends around Ping Pond, staring at a ginormous yacht. There was Crealy Bealy. There was Cedric Anglestone Whoop McGraw. And there was Alastair Bear, eyeing up the boat longingly.

Today I wrote  between 20:42 and 20:52. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, my tweets here, and my book here.


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