Foibles and Follies – Dead Deer

Foibles and Follies

Spinning out of control the Catherine Wheel flew away from its moorings and careered off into the night sky. It was a foolish idea to begin with, the hope of impressing tugged away at him, even as he knew, in his heart of hearts, that it would be beyond him.

A low cackle could just be heard above the fizzing firework. Sparkling along, startlingly, a myriad sharp colours seared through the night sky, turning, turning, ever faster, ever further. A height was reached, the large, threatening disk of joyous light and noise began to splutter and sink. It crashed near the top of the hill, into the useless tower.

“Why did you do it, Dave? What did you hope to achieve?” The voice was not unkind. There followed a darkness of silence. Finally it came to an end.

“It won’t be how you want it to be.”

Secrets, lies, foibles and follies. We are blown by the wind, we try to make our way, we try to cling on to the whirring, frantic, revolving menace of being here. Some choose the easy option, others cannot, or even, will not.

It won’t be how any of us want it to be.

Today I wrote  between 23:04 and 23:14. I was prompted by an idea here.

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