The Bridge to Malawi – Dead Deer

The Bridge to Malawi

It is not in fact a bridge, it is the sun. But the exquisite symbolism is irresistible. So let us call it a bridge. How many other countries can boast a bridge on their flag? None. None at all, in fact, as this one is, as we have seen, actually the rising sun, a sun rising on the hopes of African nations gaining independence.

The blood-red and Mother Nature green set to the uncompromising black, now at the top of the flag. Rising suns and arching bridges, rich in meaning. But what actual bridge could span the mighty Lake Malawi?

Well, let us now consider the famous bridge in the north of the country, crossing the Rukuru. It is, somewhat prosaically, described as a pedestrian bridge. It is, let us be honest, alarming. With it’s bamboo and vine construction, rickety and unstable, yet still standing after all these years, it truly is a wonderful metaphor for those states across the great continent and their independence. And also their precious and undervalued individuality. Long may it stand, and long may this warm heart beat.

Today I wrote  between 23:46 and 23:56. I was prompted by an idea here.

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