Toilet Paper Testimonies – Dear Deer

Toilet Paper Testimonies

And that is how I ended up in Radio Krakow.

But before we get there, just now, we need to head back a few hours. Well maybe longer, a few days, back when we first saw that extraordinary achievement, whilst leaving Krakow. It had been a grand few days; coming on top of several awful months.

That had started, in fact, in the very height of the summer, yet here we are now depths of winter, the snow, of course, is what had drawn us here. I will not talk, not here, of what had happened in the summer, that is for another place. It is important, however, to understand what happened on that crisp January day: to have a picture of what had been going on all those months.

Stress. A variety of stresses bearing down, with a variety of outcomes. Difficulty of thought, difficulties all round: a sudden – and somewhat dramatic – weight-loss as food exited the sphere of consciousness. In all honesty consciousness itself had pretty much absented the stage too. So here we are. In southern Poland, diminished in size.

Alas! A reawakening, a (dare we say?) recovery, of sorts, led to renewed consumption. A sudden – and somewhat dramatic – rediscovery of food. Joy, and happiness all around. Well, not quite, not by a long chalk, but a few square meals at any rate.

The day beckoned, rather,  in retrospect I suppose we could say that it loomed.

A solid and terrible vow has been made, under the most ancient available oak tree, at the usual appointed hour (midnight), by all involved, a vow of silence. Certainly the good people of Radio Krakow, and I myself, will never speak of what went on in there. But rest assured, the children of their toilet paper suppliers will enjoy an extraordinary Christmas this year.

Today I wrote  between 23:12 and 23:22. I was prompted by an idea here.

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