Skinamarinky Dinky Dink – Dear Deer

Skinamarinky Dinky Dink

A fast moving fun family board game for two to eight players.

Roll Up! Roll Up! All The Fun of The Fair. The thrills and excitement of timeless travelling funfairs are captured as you travel around the board – meticulously based on Luxembourg’s 700 year old Schueberfouer – jumping from ride to ride, trying your luck at the stalls, eating over-sugared treats as you race your competitors at that age-old funfair magic: Your money disappears before your very eyes!


Each player choses a counter and places it on the ‘home’ square. Deal out 50 €uros to each player. The youngest goes first. Before setting off for the fair you must first ‘pester you parents’ to give you money and let you go. To head off to the fair you must first roll a six. On each turn that you roll a 1, however, you receive an extra 10 €uros from Granny.

The first player to roll a 6 jumps on the tram square to get to the Schueberfouer – but bad luck! The tram is free now and you can’t spend any money here!

Upon reaching the fair you must first choose a card, either a ‘rides’ card, a ‘stalls’ card, or a ‘food’ card. Inspect the card, and decided whether you wish to travel directly to the destination on it, and spend money on partaking of this particular hedonism.

Rides: Each player must check the ride score against their ‘fear-factor’. If it is higher than a die must be rolled to see whether you can ‘pluck up the courage’ this time!

Stalls: The easiest way to lose money, whether it is hook-a-duck, the shooting range, or the Teddy Bear Raffle! But beware! You’re luck may be in and these stalls actually pay out to winners!!

Food: How many doughnuts, toffee apples, and chips can you eat before you get queasy and throw-up on a ride? Keep careful notes of your ‘barf-bonus’ points!!

Play continues to the left. Visit as many different sections as you can.

The Winner

The first player to spend all their money is declared the winner, and can get on with enjoying their lives once again.

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