The Blue Screen of Death – Dead Deer

The Blue Screen of Death

The water lay heavy on her skin. When she had plunged her porcelaine-white hand in, the warmth enveloped it, and the slightest hint of colour drew over her fingers. That was some hours previously, and Kanchini had sunk into a thought cycle every bit as deep as the heated natural pool.

Where she was, physically, was stunningly beautiful yet where she was internally was not. Her mind dragged her back, and it dragged her around and around, even as she lay, inert, not even the hint of a ripple emanated from her position. With eyes closed, all is black: and so she closed her eyes. The rich deep blue of the pool, the stunning and varied verdant forest all around, these were not the hues for her mood.

The actions taken against her (whether they were directed at her or not is immaterial) were cruel and relentless. She had had enough. She processed each and every slight, each and every mark, she was bruised and battered across her body, and throughout her soul and in her mind. Her head aches, she could sense the damaged thoughts smashing around her skull and it hurt.

Kanchini was done. Her eyes closed, her resolved finally smashed. As she sank down, her head broke the blue screen of water and entered the warm embrace. Never to return, a tortured soul searching peace. Yet no peace, no, not even there.

Today I wrote  between 21:44 and 21:54. I was prompted by an idea here.

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