April Blushes – Dead Deer

I enjoyed doing this one a lot, a real lot. But it must be noted straight away that most of the words, and most of the ideas are not my own. Influence? Adaptation? Theft? You decide. 

April Blushes
openly copied and mildly adapted from a piece by Amelia Fletcher

Every day she wakes up
Her life will be a movie
All the things she does, written in her diary
But when the day is done, she cannot tell the truth

Pretend her life’s exciting
Pretend she’ll never lose

April Blush was a present story day
April Blush was a pop celebrity
You can lie to everyone
But please, please don’t lie to me

Now she is a popstar
With her own TV show
Tells them all her stories
And hopes they’ll never know

Now her life’s exciting
Now she’ll never lose

Don’t be anybody else
Forget about the rest
You’ll always be April
You’ll always be yourself

April runs every day
Her life runs by too fast
All the things she hides, written in the papers
April blushes to read them, she cannot tell the truth

April Blush is a present story day
April Blush is a pop celebrity
She lied to everyone
But why, why did you lie to me?

Now April lies for all time
Her life was like a movie
All the things she did, written in a billion words
And now her star has sunk, who can tell the truth?

Was her life exciting?
Did she win or lose?


Today I ‘wrote’  between 12:32 and 12:42. I was prompted by an idea here. This may seem an extremely brazen attempt to pass off someone else’s work as my own, but it immediately entered my head upon seeing the prompt. I have always felt the story of the song might be useful to continue, and although I don’t claim I have done as good a job as Fletcher (et al?) would have, it does, at least, give my own words a place in it. 

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