Wafting Waffles – Dead Deer

Wafting Waffles

Surprisingly big, are badgers. This particular one, dead it was, more so as it appeared that considerable bloating had taken place. What a sight a badger is! It is an infrequent treat to see one, myself it numbers but three times. Two of these, naturally, were of expired badgers. Big. The first was a wonderfully serendipitous sighting, as we had just turned down the opportunity to enter a wildlife park; the price was, one might say, a trifle above value.

Cycling away, however, we immediately spotted this poor deceased (and diseased) animal. Breath-taking. If you don’t believe the size, take a look at some trees, where they sharpen their claws. It is high.

So away we rode, flushed with our free wildlife (augmented a little later by a free deer)and I did not see another one for about fifteen years.

This time I was running in the woods, and nearly tripped over it. We were both startled and off it ran, slightly ahead of me. It stuck to the narrow path I run down, convinced I had unkind plans, its little legs spinning as if in a cartoon. It was never in my mind to cause upset or pain, but it could not shake me off, and would not turn away. This spectacle, of a badger at its full speed, pursued by a sweaty middle-aged man continued for slightly longer than it ought have. Eventually I had to stop. Off it ran, and I did not see another badger for five years.

This one had a splash of blood across its face.

Today I wrote  between 23:18 and 23:28. I was prompted by an idea here.

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