Daisy Trails – Dead Deer

Daisy Trails

Being called into the Boss’ office, this Friday, was nerve-racking as usual, but not concerning. Nervously she smoothed her dress down as she entered the glass ‘goldfish bowl’ of Selina’s outer office. Selina called her through into the main office, and waved casually at a seat, as she crossed some ‘t’s on a some papers.

Decisively she closed the papers, put them to one side, looked up and spoke breezily, not quite warmly, but certainly not coldly.

“Hello Daisy.”

No one was in doubt as to who the boss was, yet the formality was easy. They had worked together for many years, and had respect and even some affection for one another. They spoke plainly in private.

“I’ll put you out of your misery. It’s good news. Better, even, than we might have thought. We start on Monday.”

“Oh that’s great,” Daisy tried to keep some excitement out of her voice, “and is it a full-spectrum clearance?”

“I had to pull some mighty big strings, but yes it is. I know you think a month is required for enough data, but we only got a fortnight. But I also managed to get a one-week white period. Are you sure that is necessary?”

“Yes Selina, I really think so. To fully engage with the certainty that any alterations are pure it is essential. Thank you so much, it has been years.”

“Yes,” replied Selina, “But I believe in this. And you.”

Daisy allowed herself a smile. Yes. So she should. The concept is solid, genius even. The formula is perfect. And this weekend every airplane around the world will be having their internal tanks filled with her plan, her chemicals. For two full weeks every streak you see in the sky will be one of Daisy’s trails.

There was going to be a lot of work to be done, in the next weeks, months, maybe years. making sense of all the data. Yes. A good Friday, literally. A shame she could tell no-one.

Today I wrote  between 22:35 and 22:45. I was prompted by an idea here.

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