Outlandish Suggestions – Dead Deer

Outlandish Suggestions 

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“She’ll be furious, us being late again, we must say something” the elder child was the boldest. Little did she know her entire life would be shaped by today.

“I’m scared,” the youngest had the strongest faith, “it is wrong to talk like this.”

“Well it’s this or another beating off mother.”

And so it was, upon arriving home and receiving the anticipated wrath of their parent, their carefully prepared statement was delivered. To their initial relief, and eventual horror, they were believed. Not only at home, but in the village, throughout the country and in time around the world. Yes, even in the Vatican.

From then on the huge engine of religious industry took over and before long the revenue generated demanded that the children were trusted. Two were so uncomfortable with it all, they were about to reveal all, and tell the truth. She silenced them. For good, and enjoyed the long and happy life of a religious superstar

Today I wrote in Fatima, Portugal between 22:35 and 22:45. I was prompted by an idea here. Any resemblance to other stories in these parts is purely coincidental and this is in no way intended to be an outlandish suggestion as to what happened a hundred years ago. At all. 

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The keeper of her heart

It’s how she scrunches her nose at him, with that glint in her cool blue eyes.

It’s when she takes his arm, and how she delicately slips her arm through to link with his.  And the gentle squeeze she gives, letting him know she’s safely locked in.

It’s knowing she can always find him in a crowded room – like being either side of a pair of magnets; Connecting together quickly, or by being able to touch each other, despite a forced distance between them.

It’s the way she smiles at him and appreciating that she doesn’t need to offer him anything – ever.  Not even her precious smiles.  Yet, she does.  And she smiles at him every day.


Prompted by link here.