Gremlins and Girl Scouts – Dear Deer

Gremlins and Girl Scouts


The noise, rather than the words, convinced him that she was in earnest when saying that she would never go back. And if she was never going to go back, then he too would never go back.

Across the street from the Scout Hut lay a formal garden, in the English style. She sat, primly, on a concrete bench as a host of scouts trotted by, in a silence that at once unsettled. She was shaking.

He appeared and gradually eased himself on the bench. She jumped up, startled by his affrontry. Her nerves were shot. Eight months, eight long months, living in that house, had left her in shreds. A shadow of who she once was. He did not understand what had happened there, and he would not ask and she would not tell. But he knew one thing for sure.

They would never go back. Not in this life.

Tay I wrote  between 22:18 and 22:28. I was prompted by an idea here.

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