Funky Fetishes – Dead Deer

Funky Fetishes

Collecting the key was more complicated than expected. A semi-hidden and deeply troubling bar down more than one side street, was rather difficult to find. It was also a little disturbing, given the object of the task, like sitting in a hot queue of cars to reach a beauty spot, it just felt wrong.

But once the grimy barman had handed over the key, gurning hideously and suggestively, she decided to press on. She’d come this far, she reasoned, and it had seemed such an unusual, exciting, turn to take. It was not like her at all, not at all. Lisa was looking for something to take her out of herself, ‘shake her bones’ after such a crushing series of disappointments, something had to change. Why not try this?

So now Lisa found herself down yet more unfamiliar streets, was she lost or did she want to be lost? Eventually, inexorably the address arrived in front of her. Deep breathe. Fumble the key. Wishing so hard that it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t turn.

But turn it does, and almost despite herself she enters. She wants to try this, to be someone else for a while, someone so very different, she is determined to try it.

Now she is in the tiny room, however, she is not so sure. But she had promised herself to try it. Just this once. No one would know. Hold your breath, Lisa old girl, give it a whirl, it was like a mantra in her head, a head she was trying  so hard to  keep clear, vivid, sharp. Here goes.

She gulped deeply, and she knelt.

Today I wrote  between 21:26 and 21:36.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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