Criss-Cross Applesauce – Dead Deer

Criss-Cross Applesauce

Any Luxembourger worth their salt would certainly be cross if you served them up some  gromperekichelcher without any apple sauce. The cool, sharp, stodgy compote contrasts, and compliments, the crispy, very hot, and wonderfully delicious potato cakes perfectly.

And all Luxembourgers today are in reflective and mournful mood, as one of their number has passed away, and with him a tangible link to history, and to the event in this small country’s modern identity.

The ex-Grand Duke Jean died today, having some years ago abdicated in favour of his son, as his mother, the revered and venerated Grand Duchess Charlotte, had previously for him. During the second war the Royal Family were in exile, led by Charlotte raging a highly successful diplomatic, propaganda and morale-boosting war of her own throughout the free world.

Finally the allies were ready to liberate Luxembourg, urged on by US President FDR who had made a personal assurance to Charlotte, who had become great friends to the American First Family. Her husband, Felix, and Jean had joined the British Army whilst in exile and were amongst the troops entering the Grand Duchy. Wild scenes ensued, not only were Allied Forces securing Luxembourg, but members of the Royal Family itself were there, on Luxembourgish soil. Liberation was assured, and the people knew that they could, in the famous and memorable motto, ‘remain what we are”.

The picture shows  the-then Prince Jean (centre, in uniform, with beret) being mobbed as the troops entered the city, to liberate the country from German occupation, September 1944

Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

5th January 1921 – 23rd April 2019


Today I wrote  between 23:22 and 23:32.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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