Choices or Chances – The Writeycorn

Choices or Chances?

Most movies have a big choice but there’s always chances woven into them, like if you had to choose from two different paths, one of them you think is going to be right but most of the time they are both wrong because in the last fork you chose the wrong road so from then on you are always going to be wrong that’s real life but there’s always a slim chance that you’ll choose the right road.  In movies, if you make one mistake and choose the wrong road the next road he or she chooses will be right e.g. in Labyrinth she (spoiler alert) chose the wrong road but she still beats the goblin king and gets her brother back which annoys me a lot. 

Good luck with the chances you take today, and the choices you make.

Today I wrote between 08:50 and 09:00 inspired by a prompt and idea here

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