Uneasy Eggplant Episodes – The Writeycorn

Uneasy Eggplant Episodes

Dear Reader,

I am here to warn you about a thing called the cowplant. Most people mistake this curious plant for an eggplant, because you see, when you first plant a cowplant it looks like a eggplant seed and after a few weeks it even looks like one, but then if you leave it alone for 5 months, it grows enormous and goes white and spotty then eats you. The first thing to be eaten by it was the Hemulen who was at the time looking for mysterious plants and fell upon it and the cowplant thought “ohh what a tasty meal” and in one gulp swallowed him whole. Now you know why you should never eat eggplant or if anyone in your neighbourhood plants an eggplant move away. Thank you for your attention.

The Writeycorn

Today I wrote between 13:58 and 14:08 inspired by a prompt and idea here. 

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