Dynamics of Destined Duos – Dead Deer

Dynamics of Destined Duos

There is no beginning; there is no end.

A start, of course, there must be, even if it is not the beginning. And at the start there was (is?) a body. Not just any body. The sacred body of a nobody. But before we start at this ending, we need to drop yet further back; I am, you see, determined to take a linear approach to this.

So further back, to before the body was a body, we go. Not to when it was a living, moving, individual, but further back, before it was even this. The atoms were around, just not in this configuration.

So this take us to two bodies. Their attraction so strong it is able to conjure up, out of nothing, yet more bodies. Not a skill to be sniffed at, you’d think, yet, hardly a head is turned at these events.

All around the globe there are duos dancing this amazing creation, and all around the globe are long existant atoms forging together to create the wonderous, multiple, ordinary, uniqueness that is life, and all over the globe are these being shattered, torn apart and once more returned to the universe, to form yet new entities, sentient or non-sentient.

Which brings us back to our body. The miracle of millions of years of refining, a perfect, complex object capable of extraordinary feats, both every-day wonders and one-off breakthroughs. Truly inspiring and astounding.

The dynamics of the duo are required to bring this all together, but only one, oneself, required to expire.

The Stop (but not The End)


Today I wrote  between 15:56 and 16:06.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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