A Ripple in Time – Dead Deer

A Ripple in Time

Some things stay in place. It tore in half, even as it tore through the world, and left neither itself, nor anything else, the same ever again.

Of course, as is well established, a small alteration can alter more than a mere … well, a mere what, exactly? And from what perspective is it altered? If it is before, then it is unknown, as it has not yet occurred. From after is more complex.

What has happened now, following the alteration, is, of course, what has, had always happened. So there is no alteration, despite the change. From after it is also unknown as it has not now occurred.

Throw in a rock. Go on. The present is not so vital, the past not so sacred. History is not set in essential stone, it is just what happened, nothing more. And so what if what happened is now not what had happened, but another happening? It is still history, whichever future point it will have stemmed from, when all is said and done.


Today I wrote  between 23:43 and 23:53.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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