Fifty Shades of Embarrassment – Dead Deer

Fifty Shades of Embarrassment 

Peeling away from the group, Edward began to get a little hot under the collar. Except in extreme circumstances he really could not stand to be in a group of people of any size, well, not even of one. Travis had shouted out at him, and tried to make him welcome, and bring him into the group. Edward knew then that Travis must die. Regretfully, he needed to solve yet another problem, he derived no pleasure, and a lot of misery, from these situations.

Cursing to himself over his ill-luck, Edward started to think about a plan. Last time he was very nearly found out, the dog was the weak link in that plan. Although he had a preferred method of dispatch for those needing to be silenced, he recognised the need to strike in a different manner each time. Relax, he thought, this is a cracker. Kneeling in the mud he carefully slipped a coat hanger in the gap of the door. Easing the car door open was a doddle, now to track his prey.

Inside the car, he kept low and drove slowly, around and around the building where the party was taking place. Soon enough, Travis emerged, a little the worse for wear, and stumbling along the road.

Acclerating hard the bonnet of the car hit the back of Travis’ legs, and his upper body was thrown up, and flung away from the car, near lifeless already.

Car accidents are so ubiquitous, nobody questions the motives. Unending carnage is considered normal and acceptable. Nobody truly questions the driver. There but for the Grace of God, they think, go I, and there went Edward, free and calm.


Today I wrote  between 23:28 and 23:38.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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