Cloudy with a Chance of Grumbles – Dead Deer

Cloudy with a Chance of Grumbles

The Head of the diplomatic service was cautiously optimistic. So far everything had gone very well for the new administration. When the young president had been elected, shortly after the small country had gained independence, there was lots of concern about security, stability and consensus. Stark charisma is, of course, wonderful at building a crushing electoral victory, but only goes so far in building a new country.

At home things had gone quite well, he mused. Rather than unsightly triumphalism the new president had strived for consensus, trying to bring all parties, all people, with him in his vision. The new constitution had been debated and written across the political and, in a stroke of genius, non-political spectrum. This gave it a strength of acceptance, the entire nation having ownership of it, believing in it.

However, it was overseas that President Silme Salaski really scored. In attempting to find a role for his tiny country in the modern global world, he had gone out into it. He had been an instant success, and now his arrival on new shores was eagerly sought and keenly awaited. Approachable, warm, funny and wise he was feted wherever he went. They were on the map, so to speak.

Tonight, though, the ambassador thought, tonight? This is too much. A loss of dignity would be unthinkable for the position of president, and for his country. And thus it was that this country fell to a violent coup. It is possible to say the ambassador operated on good intentions, he just wanted to save his country from ridicule. His was an awful plan, though, and the country is forever remembered as the one that fell apart, as its president was assassinated by his own people, moments before appearing on the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special TV Show.



Today I wrote  between 23:12 and 23:22.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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