Not All Tarts Are Raspberry – Dead Deer

Not All Tarts Are Raspberry

When all the tarts, all the pies, all the cakes were brought out a gasp when around the room. It was an intriguing idea, even if it risked the ire of many a guest. The pies were all open top, the cakes heavily iced. But every single one was red in colour. Cherry pies, strawberry cakes, raspberry tarts. Not all the tarts were raspberry, of course. Every red fruit imaginable was represented. Cranberries, pomegranates, even red grapes and red apples.

It was an incredibly striking effect. The shades of red glowing and glistening in the bright lights, a hundred diners gasping and laughing. Well, ninety-nine. The sight of all these beautiful desserts did nothing for one old duffer, parked away in the corner, but with a foghorn voice.

“What the devil?” he barked, “I like apricots.”


Today I wrote  between 23:07 and 23:17.  I was prompted by an idea here.

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