Illegally Brunette – Dead Deer

Illegally Brunette

Let’s be honest, it is more a crime of geography than anything else. The argument was always thin for the segregation, only provided as an excuse for those who wanted it already. For other reasons. In each of the zones stylists naturally specialised, it could not really be helped. Fashions change, however, and of course a certain type of person, at a certain type of age, will always want to shock.

There was nothing, anyway, in any pamphlet, or constitution, that mentioned dyes, of course. Not yet. It was not very easy to find someone willing to do it, although not very difficult either. It was frowned upon, rather than anything stronger. And once the craze hit, the entire industry became a charged one, old friends, partners, all divided neatly into those that dyed and those that didn’t.

No one could really get why that one post on BlondBook made such a stir. Soon viral, and from the initial shock, repulsion even, came some copycats. These early ones wanted to cash in on a bit of the rebellion kudos, but it was amazing how quickly it became mainstream. This is when the problems began; when people started to see the inherent beauty in it.

This led to wider debates, and the once niche ProAllHair group started to gain support, not only across society, but across societies, and cross hair border meetings intensified. Obviously the authorities had to act. What started with a simple ban on dye ended, not so very long after, with many deaths.

A salutary lesson in there, somewhere.


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