Nothing Makes Sense – Lotta The Otter

Nothing Makes Sense

One evening my parents told us to go for a walk with our dog. The forest was luckily not too far away, we do this walk all the time but today it was different the trees are probably hit by the storm last night said I to my brother. He didn’t answer .

Suddenly the dog ran towards a small cabin and then he just disappeared, we immediately ran after him but the cabin disappeared. Nothing made any sense. Where was the dog screamed my brother to me. I couldn’t answer when I saw someone jumping from the tallest tree in the forest. We checked if he was on the ground but no one was there and someone walked out from the forest in a suit carrying my dog. My brother and I screamed together “That’s our dog.”

“Oh sorry, we are filming here. Is this your dog?” wondered the man in the suit out loud.

“Yes,” answered I quietly. After a long discussion we got our dog back and left. My brother asked, “Why did they get our dog?”

“Probably so it wasn’t on set”, I answered.


Today I wrote between 14:40 and 14:50. I was prompted by an idea here.

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