Spotty Spinach – Lotta the Otter


Spotty Spinach

My parents explained to me that they would go to a concert and I would stay with my next-door neighbour, we are good friends with her. I was not happy but it was only one night . My Mum and Dad made me a packed-tea, like a packed-lunch but for tea, so she wouldn’t have to cook for me .

I kissed my parents good-bye. Sadly my next-door neighbour doesn’t have any kids so she doesn’t really know what kids like .

It was awkward. We watched a strange program about an auction it was definitely new to me but I was not sure I liked it .

The evening was coming, I got out my packed-tea. She stressed, “Oh no, I must cook for you.” I must have told her 50 times it was okay, she didn’t need to cook, but she insisted. She was cooking spinach, I really didn’t want it. When I looked at it I gasped. She said calmly, “It is meant to be spotty, that’s why I call it spotty spinach. “

The evening was getting worse. I called my parents to tell them I loved them and wished them good-night. I could not get any sleep, in the morning I was pleased to sleep at home tonight .

Today I wrote between 20:00 and 20:10. I was prompted by an idea here.

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