A Friendly Enemy – The Writeycorn

A Friendly Enemy

We were to meet in the alleyway of Cartar street at 00:00 exactly or the deal wouldn’t be made. I decided to go there 15 minutes early it was important that I had dark clothing and a hat on. Don’t ask me why, it was his conditions maybe it is so no one can see us, or so we look good if we got caught. I couldn’t tell you, he is a very secretive person who has been off the charts for years. I met him 20 years ago when I was on his case. I chased him down two streets, until we got to a dead-end, then he just ran at me cutting me across the face from the bottom of my right eye all the way down to my jaw, and I still have the scar to prove I was there that night. Technically I didn’t betray the station, but I don’t really side with them anymore. 

Today I wrote between 12:40 and 12:50. I was prompted by an idea here.


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