I Just Dreamt About You – Lotta the Otter

I Just Dreamt About You

I had an awful dream, it was a big, big, big monster, green eyes and a blue furry body, big stomping feet, strong arms and close. It was ripping my family into to parts. When I woke up sweat dripping down my face in fact my whole body. I ran to my parents, they were both there, I woke them up and slept with them .

In the evening I had a sleep-over at my friends house. But I saw the monster in the mirror, and my lips trembled and my knees began to shake. I gave it a name, when I was thinking for a name these words came into my head “I JUST DREAMT ABOUT YOU.” It gave me goosebumps. I had the perfect name – BIG, no too simple maybe. DRAEM MONSTER. Oh, that is perfect i thought to myself .

In the night it was time to face the DREAM MONSTER. There it was in, the end I ended up smashing ten mirrors with books, quite a miracle I thought, but my parents were not thinking the same, for all I know. At least the DREAM MONSTER was gone.

The adventures I get up to, like spotty spinach, i have actually been to prison for joining what they call a cult, and I was caught on set with my brother and dog.

Today I wrote between 12:40 and 12:50. I was prompted by an idea here.


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