The Window to Walancha – Lotta the Otter

The Window to Walancha

I woke up one morning, my brother was still asleep. There was a purple window, mixed with green, and it said on it Walancha. I think you pronounced it wale-ancient. I walked in. IN SIDE WSA VERY STRANGEE I THNKI I SAY LOST FO DIFRINT WORDSD ALMOST ALL OF THME SPELT INCRERCTLI AND IN CAPATIL I COULD MOVE THE LEREST ARUND I left it and corrected all of it like this “think…………………………”

For the rest of the day I always got the words mixed up.

Dear viewers, I did not write a long one today, as it is 7:30 a.m. and I am very tired, from Lotta the Otter.

Today I wrote between 07:25 and 07:35. I was prompted by an idea here.


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