The Life of a Snowflake – The Writeycorn

The Life of a Snowflake

“Hi” I said and my best friend Bob said “hi”. This is a normal morning for a snowflake, yeah I am a snowflake most of us were born here but some were transferred from other clouds. There are 5 stations to our cloud the 1st is when you enter the cloud, it is like security in what you humans call an “airport”, the 2nd is low class estate where the lowest of the low live. The 3rd is a work station where you work, there are other stations in the work station but I’ll talk about it later. The 4th is where I live (middle class) it is kind of nice, the 5th is top class it is modern and very posh. I am a testing snowflake so I test new ways of flying and walking. I have got to go because my very annoying dad and sister are trying to get me to write about death and misery and destruction.

Sorry bye.

Today I wrote  between 20:25 and 20:35.  I was prompted by an idea here.

Presumed Guilty – The Writeycorn

Presumed Guilty

Peck peck peck life as a chicken is soooooooo  boring the most interesting thing that happens in a chicken’s “life”  is when they die because you have to go through the test. The test tells you if, in the after-life you can carry on being the pet you are now, or basically be wild. I’m still my owner’s pet now in the after-life. If you are wondering if your owners are still alive, you spend your time in massive fields with endless amounts of food then, when they die if they go to the good place you teleport to them in their dream house. If they don’t have a garden, a garden will materialise. If your owner goes to the bad place you get put up for sale. When I went through the test I was guilty of killing a fox, but I was found not guilty.

Today I wrote  between 14:10 and 14:20.  I was prompted by an idea here.

Uneasy Eggplant Episodes – The Writeycorn

Uneasy Eggplant Episodes

Dear Reader,

I am here to warn you about a thing called the cowplant. Most people mistake this curious plant for an eggplant, because you see, when you first plant a cowplant it looks like a eggplant seed and after a few weeks it even looks like one, but then if you leave it alone for 5 months, it grows enormous and goes white and spotty then eats you. The first thing to be eaten by it was the Hemulen who was at the time looking for mysterious plants and fell upon it and the cowplant thought “ohh what a tasty meal” and in one gulp swallowed him whole. Now you know why you should never eat eggplant or if anyone in your neighbourhood plants an eggplant move away. Thank you for your attention.

The Writeycorn

Today I wrote between 13:58 and 14:08 inspired by a prompt and idea here

Choices or Chances – The Writeycorn

Choices or Chances?

Most movies have a big choice but there’s always chances woven into them, like if you had to choose from two different paths, one of them you think is going to be right but most of the time they are both wrong because in the last fork you chose the wrong road so from then on you are always going to be wrong that’s real life but there’s always a slim chance that you’ll choose the right road.  In movies, if you make one mistake and choose the wrong road the next road he or she chooses will be right e.g. in Labyrinth she (spoiler alert) chose the wrong road but she still beats the goblin king and gets her brother back which annoys me a lot. 

Good luck with the chances you take today, and the choices you make.

Today I wrote between 08:50 and 09:00 inspired by a prompt and idea here

And Completely by Mistake, the Switch was Made – The Writeycorn

And completely by mistake, the Switch was made

So it was Christmas Eve and we were getting into bed all excited and had hung our stockings up and the Christmas tree was covered in presents. The new Nintendo Switch was out and because we had never had any electronic toys (well big ones) before we didn’t think it would be one.

It is Christmas morning and there were two big presents left: one was a Nintendo Switch case and the other was a Nintendo Switch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspired by a prompt here.