The Storm Raged – Dead Deer

The storm raged on without any hope of being saved

Calm. Maybe this storm has abated. It has been so long, a vicious storm. It seems this has been no more than another slight pause. The storm sighs, takes a breath, and recommences.

As so often the storm returns renewed,
refreshed, with more energy and lays
waste to all hope. Hunkered here,
Bunkered down no way to turn.

I am reeling as the storm howls in my head, Pushing everything in it’s path, Leaving not one element untouched or intact as it whirls, With an elemental force that knows not how

To Stop.
No Hope
I Cannot
Be saved.



Today I wrote from 08:16 to 08:26. I was prompted by idea “The storm raged on without any hope of being savedhere. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here