Jan 12th – The stone path through the woods led her nowhere

January 12th – The stone path through the woods led her nowhere


“But there is no road through the woods.”

–  Rudyard Kipling, The Way Through The Woods

The trees either side of her closed in,
tunnel-like, making her breath echo
in the autumn morning. What light there was,
was shattered into pieces, and lay broken
on the ground, or balanced on the leaves
around her, unspent currency of day.

She trod carefully. Stones laid centuries before
were slippery with moss: mud sighed
under each measured step. With each year
this path she walked as a girl grew vaguer,
its edges swallowed by the hungry growth
of young trees fighting for the land.

Ahead, a fallen tree blocked her path;
she would have to turn back. Even a road
to nowhere couldn’t get her there.
Out there, somewhere, the sun was shining.
In here ferns grabbed spitefully at her ankles
as she left the path to fate.


Inspired by a prompt from here