Petals and Parasols – The Writeycorn

Petals and Parasols

Dear diary,

It was a warm summer’s evening in 1883 and me and Max we were walking along the path petals falling all around us but it was shielded by my parasol and then suddenly a big blue box appeared in front of us. We were just about to kiss when someone came out of it and said, “What year is it?” I told him it was 1883 and a girl behind him said “So are we on Space Beach?” and he said “Space Beach will have to wait”, and she went, “So what year is it?”. He answered “1883. Come on Clara.” and she said “Coming Doctor.” And then the box vanished making this noise vurrrrm vurrrrm vurrrrm.

today I wrote from 14:10 to 19:20 inspired by the prompts here.